Mouth Guards

Healthy kids are kids that play sport and get out in the sunshine and exercise. With team sports however parents need to be vigil in keeping their kids protected from injury as much as they can.

Mouth Guards

Having a mouth guard specifically designed to your child's mouth can drastically improve the chances of keeping their mouth and in particular teeth intact should an accident happen avoiding long term physical and monetary costs.

44% of all injuries to the mouth happen during active recreation. People with protrusive front teeth, inadequate lip coverage over their teeth of have braces are often at a greater risk of dental injury.

Blossom Dental's custom-fitted mouth guards are considered to provide the best protection of the teeth, lips and jaw. They are made by a dentist to fit the individual's mouth, and provide the best protection due to their close fit, comfort and cushioning (shock absorption) effect.

How to care for your mouth guard

  • Rinse in soap and warm (not hot) water or mouthwash after each use and allow it to air-dry.
  • Keep mouth guard in a well-ventilated plastic storage box when not in use, (box should have several holes in it).
  • Do not leave your mouth guard in direct sunlight, in a closed car or in the car's glove box.
  • Ensure your mouth guard is in good condition before each use.
  • Get your dentist to check your mouth guard when you go for your check-up.
  • Replace mouth guard if it is damaged.

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